Thursday, 23 February 2017


When I sit alone no body knows what I feel
When I was lonely
I was alone without anyone to love
With lonely heart
Lonely mind
With sadness
At my door step

A moment

I waited all my life
All my childhood
For that moment to come
The moment of being loved
The moment of being kiss
The moment of happiness but that moment never come
I am still waiting for that moment to come

Mental health and me

Today is my meeting with social services where they talk about my mental health and how it might affect my son . Today report go like this A.. acknowledged that her mental health issues may be impacting negatively on her son and has attempted to reduce this but protecting him. Looking at the note make me feel like they judge me but it not the case it seem bad to start with they write good points about me in the end.

My mental health is bad at the moment feeling low and out of this world most of the time, days seem like nights and nights look like day. I feel guilty that I have mental health issues but it's something that I cannot control . I feel that other seem me as a crazy person and don't want to be my friend . I would be wrong but that's how I see it and I get scared to say I have mental health issues. I think that other people shouldn't judge us but to take the time to get know the person not the illness.

I am trying to beat my mental health issues and recovery to become a book writer and to have my own business but have way to go yet to over come it

Thursday, 18 August 2016

My view to online dating

I hate being single and would love to find love. I see the good and bad of finding someone online but I won't give up on finding love. The old fashion way of guy and girl meeting each other while they walk down the street is replace by online dating sites.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Love Cosmetics

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

When I am old

When I'm old and weary take me to that land

 where I can live my childhood again

 Don't take me to that place

 Take me to the land

Take me to the land

 When I'm old and weary take me to that beautiful Place

 Where I can feel like a child again

 Don't take me to that place where all my freedom is gone

 Take me to that wonderful place where my feet can touch the sand

 I want to be a child again

 Take me to that wonderful place the beautiful paradise

 When I'm old and weak

 Don't forget what you promised to take me to that wonderful place

 I just want to be myself one more time


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